1. Citizen Men’s CC1076-02E

Citizen Men’s CC1076-02E is an incredible timepiece with so many useful features and a must have for people who travel a lot. Citizen Men’s CC1076-02E is noticeable for many things but what sets it apart is its time zone and satellite syncing functionalities. It’s not just a pretty piece to have, it comes loaded with a multitude of features that makes it perfect for daily as well as traveling routines.

Citizen Men's CC1076-02E


  • Case diameter 49mm with a thickness of 19mm
  • 48 ounces overall weight
  • Round Titanium case with analog display
  • Water resistant up to 660 ft.
  • Anti-reflective dual curved synthetic sapphire dial window
  • Polyurethane band with 20mm width and buckle clasp
  • Stationary Titanium Bezel
  • Japanese quartz
  • Satellite time keeping with fastest syncing
  • World time coverage for 26 time zones
  • Sub dials for day and 12/24 hour formats
  • Date indicator on 6 o’clock
  • Power Reserve indicator


As you can see, the list of features is quite impressive. There aren’t many watches in the market that can compete with Citizen Men’s CC1076-02E in terms of features. All these features makes it perfect for people who like to travel a lot. With this on your wrists, you won’t have to worry about time zones anymore. Citizen Men’s CC1076-02E isn’t all about the features. It is a great looking piece that would snatch the compliments right out of people’s mouths. Its Titanium casing gives it very bold look that will go with most formal and informal dresses.

The only complaint that you might have with this one is its price. Although not unreasonable, but it is a tad bit pricey. But if you have the means to get it, then get it!

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2. Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E

If you are in need of a simple but maintenance free timepiece that compliments almost every outfit then Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E is an excellent choice for you. Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E is a compact and gorgeous light fueled watch that will keep you worry free for a very long time.

Citizen Men's AW0038-53E


  • Case diameter 42mm with a thickness of 11.5mm
  • 44 ounces
  • Round Stainless steel casing (analog display)
  • Water resistant for up to 330 ft.
  • 22mm wide Stainless Steel Plated band
  • Stationary Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Japanese quartz
  • Light powered battery
  • Mineral Crystal dial window
  • Calendar date and day at 3 o’clock position

There are two main things that makes Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E unique to its competitors. The first one is its dark black look with complimenting background that gives a very attractive look. It is suited for all types of gatherings whether formal or informal and goes with pretty much every piece of clothing. It sure has a very elegant touch to its design. The second thing that sets it apart is its simple light fueled batteries. With Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries ever. A single charge can last up to 6 months which is pretty impressive.


Overall it’s a very reliable timepiece that won’t leave you alone for more than a couple of years. Even if you are a sportsman or a person who is used to having rough days, at the end of the day, Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E will still be clean and scratch free. So go for this eye candy if you have a little bit of money to spare.

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3. Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L

Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L is a silver toned engineering marvel with a blue dial suitable for those who wouldn’t mind a little bit of color in their lives. It is a classic masterpiece with great mechanical precision and detailed design that no lady can resist.

Citizen Men's NB1031-53L


  • Case diameter 44mm with a thickness of 14.5mm
  • 16 ounce
  • Round analog display with anti-reflective sapphire dial window (Blue background)
  • Water resistant for up to 984 ft.
  • 23mm wide Stainless Steel band (Silver)
  • Stainless Steel Bezel (Stationary)
  • Automatic self-wind movement
  • Calendar date function at 3 o’clock position

With that in depth water resistance, there’s no doubt that Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L is a divers watch specially designed for swimming, diving and showering. Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L goes both ways when it comes features and looks. It has a classy silver look that compliments the blue dial background. A bit heavy though, but a very reliable watch that, if properly taken care of, can go a very long way. When it comes to time accuracy, it’s second to none.

Final words

Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L is an incredible piece to have that won’t go out of fashion. Keeping in mind the features it brings to the table, Citizen Men’s NB1031-53L will definitely land in your daily wear collection.

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