A topic that revolutionized the markets: Remote Control Cars for Kids. Everyone sees them on the TV, magazines and stores for a reason. They are successful at entertaining all kinds of people, particularly kids and children.

And why wouldn’t be entertaining? Kids see cars all the time. Their movement fascinates them, their noise, their wheels and their color… all in one giant object. That’s exactly what the market thought of. If children are so fascinated, why not make a non-dangerous car for their own size, and why not make them drivable without the dangerous risks that a real car offers?

My point is that it was a perfect money making idea, and the concept was pretty simple and very used, which basically is, see what people are interested in and develop it. However, using this concept is even simpler with children. They are curious and fashions are constantly changing, even for toys. And with our advanced technology, it’s very simple to grab a kid’s interest and produce a toy. And that’s exactly what happened with remote control cars.

Talking about money, the higher the speed and quality of the material, the higher the price, as usual. But normally, the range is between five dollars to seven hundred dollars.

There are also other remote controlled vehicles too. Helicopters, boats, airplanes… you name it! Having said this, some would agree that helicopters and other flyers are much more fun. That may be true, but there are risks bound to remote controlled helicopters and airplanes that don’t apply to RC Cars. As children’s safety is the most important thing of all, I will name one risk (maybe the only one). Helices. High speed helicopter helices may become mortal blades.

With a remote controlled car, there isn’t risk. And that’s why most people still prefer cars to airplanes or helicopters. And, of course, it may be less expensive (which counts a lot) for a toy that may be destroyed in a day or a week, and we all know that happens with youngsters.

There’s a RC Car for each kid taste (like real cars for adults). The colors are infinite and the model too. There’s also option for customization (again, like real cars), giving the opportunity to please every youngster! It’s a very profitable industry indeed.

In this little toy industry there exists racing too. It happens most for hobbyists, but also with children. Inspired by popular movies like “Fast and Furious” and videogames like “Need for Speed”, they create competitions and races to test who is the best driver and who as the best car. And the youngster who loses and discovers that his toy car is not the best, they will not hesitate to ask for a new one, a better one. After all, competition is profitable too.

I’m going to conclude by saying that remote control cars are and excellent way to entertain young children. It’s addicting to drive a RC Car, and racing competitions are healthy for kids, making them have fun together and favoring socialization. Besides, it’s a lot better that passing hours watching TV or playing videogames!

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